Wednesday, August 8, 2012


That, my friends, is Oreo's beloved toy Smurf. We're not 100% where Smurf came from, but we think I bought him when we first got Oreo (from PetsMart).

Oreo carries Smurf with him everywhere we go. He wants to take him when we go for walks but is finally catching on that toys do not come on walks with us.

When people come over, he gets so excited that he has to show them his Smurf. When hubby & I get home from a date night, he has to show us Smurf. Oreo loves that little guy a lot.

And it shows.

Poor Smurf has been sewed up more times than I can count. Back home I had a neighbor sew up Smurf at least 4 times and when Nathan's sister visited, she sewed him up too!

He smells horrible, but I'm afraid to wash him. I'm afraid he'll just disintegrate in the wash and poor Oreo will not have his favorite toy anymore.

I'm not even sure what Smurf is. At one time, he had a large nose, legs, and a tail, but I'm not sure what's what anymore.

So here's the problem:
We cannot (for the life of us) find a replacement Smurf. I've check PetSmart, PetCo, Pet Supermarket, Target, and even grocery stores. I've even tried googling "Blue animal dog toy" with no luck. My next idea is to search Amazon and eBay. Any other suggestions for me?

Have you ever had a similar issue? Feel free to share your story in the comments section below.

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