Monday, August 6, 2012

I've Become "That" Lady

Yup, never thought I'd see the day. That's organic 100% whole grain Quinoa, organic skim milk, and organic, farm fresh, free range eggs. Those dumb eggs costs $2.75. For six.

I'm not going all crazy, I just thought we'd give it a shot. Try everything out. See if it's worth the money. No, we haven't tried anything yet but I'll be sure to report how everything tastes.

Let's go through these items one by one:

The eggs. The eggs themselves have a story. I see the Amish people selling these eggs every Tuesday at the farmer's market. At almost $3 for a half dozen (Three times what I usually spend on a dozen), they weren't on the top of my "to-buy" list. Then one of my Facebook friends mentioned how much she loved farm fresh, free range, organic eggs.

So the following Tuesday I mentioned to Nathan that I was going to try the eggs (6, In case we didn't like them) and we'd have them for dinner that night. We got our bags and headed to the market. We're literally in front of the Amish egg-selling woman and Nathan says "$5.75 for a dozen? You aren't going to get those, right?". Are you kidding? I had talked the boy's ear off for a week about these eggs. So I got defensive and said "No, let's go". We left. Without my eggs.

We walked home in silence and I was annoyed because we had nothing for dinner. Awesome. When we got home (Eggless. Did I mention that?), Nathan said he was going for a run. He came back 30 minutes later with my eggs and Chick Fil A! Did I mention I love that boy?

I don't know what to expect from this but if it tastes anything like the Silk Vanilla Soy Milk, we're doomed. 

Quinoa is delicious! Luckily I've tried quinoa, but haven't cooked with it recently. I know it's not as starchy (obviously) as rice or couscous, but it's still pretty tasty. I've never tried organic quinoa, but I can't imagine it tasting that different. We'll see, I guess. 

Wish me luck in our new adventure! xO

PS-- If you have any recipes that use these foods, feel free to share them! 

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