Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Best Day Ever-- Our Table Pad Arrived!

Today is a great day. Our custom table pad finally arrived! I've complained about our lack of one here-- it's quite embarrassing having a beach towel on your dining room table for 7 weeks! 

It weighed 19 pounds. Cocoa is not a fan of large boxes! 

Like how we have a giant quilt sprawled out in our living room? That was from movie night last night. I spot cleaned it and it's "drying". Yeah, sorry.

Oreo was so excited he brought his favorite toy out, Smurf!

We used Custom Table Pads and I definitely recommend them. It took just as long as I expected (and they warned me)-- 6-7 weeks. I was shocked with the price of almost $300. But, it was a necessary item and it does its job.

When Nathan opened it I had a slight fear it wouldn't fit our table. Luckily it fit quite nicely (it still slides around if I push hard enough) so I'm a happy camper. 

Ta da! 

Did I mention Cocoa hates large scary boxes?

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