Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Peace Lily Care & My Experience

Clearly I'm no plant expert, but I've kept this Peace Lily alive and that counts for something!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would blog about how I care for my peace lily. Unlike my 4 orchids, my peace lily survived for almost 3 years! Unfortunately when we moved we couldn't take her, so we replaced her. 

I love Peace Lilies because they are so easy. It's one type of plant that requires no thought. (Unlike my Violet, but I'll post about Sharon later). 

Oh, and NASA says Peace Lilies are good house plants because they clean your air and rid it of toxins. Sounds good to me. :)

Peace Lilies should get indirect sunlight. Don't keep your Peace Lily in a window (unless you live in Washington state). If the tips of the leaves turn yellow, that means your Peace Lily is getting too much light (and not enough water).

Water your plant when it "tells" you-- when it droops, or about once a week. You should water it when the soil is dry or crunchy until the soil is nice and moist. Peace Lilies prefer to drink a lot less often than little sips each day. You can spritz the leaves of your Peace Lily during the hot summer months if you'd like, but it's not completely necessary.

Because the soil is too high in my pot, I have to water my plant differently. It's definitely not as messy, but it's not the ideal way to water. I water the tray and the plant sucks it up. 

If your leaves are turning yellow, that means your Peace Lily needs more water (or that it's getting too much sun). If your leaves are brown, that means you're overwatering. 

Keep your Peace Lily inside. The perfect temperature is between 65-78 degrees. Peace Lilies are very sensitive to cold. In the winter, you might not even need to water yours as much! 

Nope! It's not necessary. 

Have any questions specifically about your Peace Lily? Be sure to comment below!

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  1. Peace lilies make the perfect houseplants. Peace lily or Spathiphuyllum can survive low light and does not take require much care.