Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Office "Remodel"

Last weekend we decided to finally get a few things for our office. You can see a few pictures of our office here. We just had so many things that needed a place to go-- picture frames, books, plants, and random office supplies. Even after we did our closet makeover, we still had stuff that needed a place.

I am so OCD (Okay, not OCD, just have OCD tendencies) that it had to be fixed soon or I would start throwing things away or build a shelf myself.

So here's how it's ended up so far..

Excuse the terrible lighting. It was pouring outside so no good natural light.

We found that funky book shelf at Target. I wanted something open and not closed in, and this was super frugal-- $90. 

Can you see my chalkboard? Yup, Nathan hung that using those Command Picture Hangers. Works like a gem. :) 

Work got me a fancy new printer/scanner/fax/copier so I have been in Heaven the past few weeks. I purchased another small filing cabinet to match my desk-- now I have one on each side. 1 for my personal files and 1 for work files. It's working OK right now, I'll post about it soon. 

You can also see my memory frames. What do you think?!

Here's a close up of our shelf. It's leans up against the wall at the top and we secured it. You can view it on Target's website here

I'm thinking a big nice-smelling candle on the 4th shelf, what do you think?

When we were at Home Depot Nathan insisted on this money tree. I have no idea how to care for it so if anyone has any idea, feel free to share them. 

This isn't my favorite part of the office but it will do. We usually keep the futon down so the dogs can look out, but it looks so junky sometimes! I'll get over it. It's quite cozy for them and they love to spy on people (attempting) parallel parking. 

Enjoy! xO

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  1. Putting a bet in your office is a rather nice and unique idea. If you want to unwind for a while, you can flop down on the bed to do so. I see that you’ve also maximized your office space without cluttering the area with all your stuff. It looks neat and very organized. =)

    Blake Mitchell