Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chalkboard Frame Tutorial

If you've seen the tour of our apartment, you've seen my chalkboard. It's certainly nothing fancy, but it works for us.

I made it for our wedding and was never sure if I would actually use it in our home, but I'm glad I decided to keep it.

Cute right? I bought an easel from JoAnn's (there are some cheap ones on Amazon), but it's not necessary to have an easel for your chalkboard. You can always hang it up!

Gather your materials
:: Large frame or large picture with frame*. (Target sells cheap frames and cheap art, that's where I got mine). 
:: Chalkboard paint (Don't get the spray paint kind)
:: Brush(s)
:: Chalk
:: Newspaper

*When I say a large frame, I mean literally buy a picture frame and you'll be painting the glass. OR you can buy a piece of cheap art (Thrift Store, Good Will, Target, etc and paint over the canvas.

Let's get started
:: Cover your work area with lots of newspaper. You don't want a mess!
:: Clean or wipe off your frame. Let dry completely.
:: If you can, take the outside frame off. You don't want chalkboard paint on your beautiful frame!
:: Start painting. Use clean lines vertically or horizontally. Don't make crazy designs, just get it done.
:: Let dry and do another coat. And another, if you wish.
:: Let dry overnight or for about 8 hours.
:: Before you draw on your chalkboard, be sure to color over it completely in one solid color. This way, your first drawing won't be etched in forever. Wipe away (use water if you want) and you're good to draw!

Some tips
:: You can paint a fresh coat on your chalkboard every few months if you wish. Mine got scratched and I'd like to give it a fresh coat pretty soon.
:: I wipe my chalkboard clean using a damp paper towel, then a dry paper towel. Sometimes the paper towel turns dark (like I'm talking the paint off), but I don't really panic. It could just use a fresh coat soon!
:: Colored chalk is at Staples for $1.27. :)

I hope this tutorial helps you out! Be sure to comment below if you have any questions!

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