Thursday, August 16, 2012

Broccoli In A Smoothie? Delicious!

I am loving smoothies lately! Well, I've always loved them but lately they are just perfect after my 11AM run and I end up having one for lunch. So tasty, nutritious, and cold!

So today when I got back from my run and got everything out for my smoothie, I noticed the most important part was missing-- spinach! What the heck how did I not write that down?

A bag of broccoli pops into my head so I dragged it out of the freezer and gave it a whirly-bird.

It was super tasty!

I used about 1 handful-- I was too nervous to put anymore in. I used my other nifty smoothie trick (more on that here) instead of our "regular" smoothie recipe

You can see a tiny peek at the roses Nathan got me!

I was a teeny bit worried about it being "gritty", but it really wasn't. I blended it for about 30 seconds longer than I normally do, so that could be why. We also have a pretty "fancy" blender, LOL. It's the Ninja Pro Blender. My dream blender is the Vitamix but until then, this blender will suffice. :)

Enjoy! xO

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