Friday, August 24, 2012

Cool Idea-- Syrup Dispenser As Dish Soap Pourer!

Isn't this awesome? 

I have always used those olive oil dispensers for dish soap-- here's a picture if you need a visual. Ours was clear and it was always such a pain! Nathan always had issues getting the soap out, one time a fly got in there (how in the world does that happen?), and yesterday the soap stopped coming out.

So off to Target we went in hopes of finding something to dispense dish soap. For $6.99 this little gem popped up and I fell in love. Nathan loved it because "it's unique and we are unique".

I just dumped the soap from the oil dispenser straight into the new one. I had to wash the blender earlier and the dispenser worked perfectly-- opened, closed, and didn't spill. I'm sure with time that will change but for how cute it is? I'll gladly wipe it up everyday. :-)

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