Friday, August 10, 2012

Five Question Friday

I've never done "Five Question Friday" but it seemed kind of fun today! Plus, lot of my blogging friends do it so I must join along.

1. What's your favorite childhood snack that you still eat as an adult?

Cinnamon Poptarts? I don't eat them often, it's probably been a year or so but I like them.

2. What food will you not eat the low fat version of?

I eat the low fat version of just about everything, but probably White Cheddar Cheese-Its. Nathan got them for me at a pit stop on our way to DC and they were horrible!

3. What are you doing to stay cool in this awful heat?

We don't take the dogs out for too long during the day. It's simply too hot. I have a smoothie for lunch most days and that cools things off a lot!

4. What's your favorite summer read?

I will read anything but I love old classics..Mark Twain, Catcher in the Rye, Scarlet Letter, and 1984.

5. What's your biggest pet peeve?

Oh I have so many. I can't stand it when someone calls me and doesn't leave a voicemail. I most likely won't call you back because if you really needed me, you would have left a voicemail. I also can't stand when people yell and get annoyed with traffic or another driver! There is clearly nothing you can do, so what is yelling about it going to do?

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