Saturday, August 11, 2012

Repainting a Picture Frame/Memory Box

I knew I wanted to put up these two beautiful memory boxes my stepmom made me-- one when my mom died and one when my grandmother died. They are just beautiful, but because they were made so many years ago, the frames needed some lovin'.

I knew I wanted a shade of blue but wasn't too particular with what shade. (I wish I was a bit pickier because the color I picked is a bit too grey for my taste). 

So off to Home Depot we went:

:: 2 containers of sample wall paint. They are $2.50 a piece but I definitely did not need 2-- 1 would have been just enough.
:: 2 paint brushes. (I'm working on another project that will be posted later). I went with cheap ones because this is a one time project and I'm NOT a painter. 
:: Painters tape
:: Junky towels or newspaper

I came home about $14 poorer. The most expensive item was the painters tape. Luckily we got a big roll and we'll use it for other stuff around the apartment.

I was really obsessive about taping the frame because I could not get the glass out for the life of me. You won't need painters tape if you can get the glass out of your frame. It took me about 20 minutes of sitting on the floor. I didn't do the inside of the glass, I was just extra careful.

Paint, paint, paint! I wish I had tips on how to paint. I guess just be sure you line your floor/table with lots of towels or newspaper.

Make good clean lines and don't let it glob in the corners. Nathan kept commenting on how I was "globbing"!

Note the globbing.

Let it dry overnight or for about 8 hours, then peel off the tape gently.

Voila! Put your frame together and admire you work.

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