Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dog Park Fun

Before bath time, the dogs had a grand time at the dog park. 

I usually ask them several times before we go, "Do you want to go to the dog park?" and they just freak out.

This time I was especially genius and asked them that before I knew how to get to the dog park. I had to sit on the computer using dumb Google Maps with two bouncing, crying dogs all over me. Fun and games.

We finally got there and they busted out of the car with record speed knocking my water out of my lap. They're so well behaved. It was like a scene out of cops when they kick down a door of a drug house.

There's always one dog that each of my dogs insists on following around the entire time. This time? The chosen dog weigh 85 pounds. Nice pick, Cocoa. 

She was a very sweet dog, but still big and scary. Cocoa was not afraid to push her around and Oreo even growled and played around with her as well. Too funny. 

And I always bring water but for some reason one dog always insists on drinking all of it, or knocking it over. Oh well!

The dog parks here are much more fun compared to where we used to live. The dogs don't have to be separated, so Cocoa and Oreo get to play with the big dogs. Because big dogs are much more common than little dogs, no dogs would ever be in the small dog section of the park.

This park has a little "pool" area but Cocoa and Oreo didn't seem interested. They were happy sniffing butts and running around.

If you want to see what happened when they got home from the dog park, click here. xO

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