Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Letters Before the Ceremony

As my husband mentioned in my 100 tips, he did not want to see me before the ceremony. I didn't care and kind of liked that he was "passionate" about something in our wedding.

So with that we came up with the idea of writing letters to each other to read before the ceremony. Our photographer thought it would be cool if we could stand on a corner without seeing each other, but she would see both of us. Does that make sense? Here's a photo:

I was so worried Nathan would forget to write me the note! I'm so crazy obsessive mine was written a good week before our wedding. 

My husband? He wrote his around 3AM the morning of our wedding on the hotel stationary. Have I mentioned I love that boy? 

It wasn't a very emotional moment or anything, but it was still very nice. I think we both enjoyed hearing each other's voices. Nathan sounded so calm and ready. 

The Best Man practically rounded the corner but I said I did NOT want him to see me. Luckily we had 2 great photographers at that point and they kept everyone away. :-) I'm not sure why it bothered me but I didn't want him to say anything. 

Every time I left that room I popped my head out to make sure we were "clear". Too funny! 

I definitely recommend doing this! I gave our notes to my MIL so she could add them to our scrapbook. I think many years from now we will love reading them. Especially my husband's on hotel stationary! 

We had quite an audience! I don't remember that! 

If this is something you're considering, it doesn't time much time or effort at all!

Some Tips

:: Be sure your photographer, fiancé, and members of your wedding party are aware of the letter idea. It doesn't take much time at all (Don't write a novel, half a page to a page is plenty). Make it short and sweet so you're not late to your ceremony (another one of my tips). 

:: Write your note to your future spouse ahead of time. Have your MOH or Best Man keep track of it so it doesn't get misplaced.

:: If you don't want to see each other, then definitely make sure you have a few people to help navigate the groom and bride. 

:: You can really change this up and hold hands, pray, talk, and just relax. We needed to get to the ceremony but it would have been fun to hold my husband's hand. 

I think this was before I arrived. What a handsome guy!

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