Friday, September 21, 2012

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

This dumb gallery wall is going to kill me! All I wanted was a simple gallery wall with our favorite black and white photos of our wedding. Maybe 10, maybe less. I also wanted to incorporate a few "items" that weren't pictures-- a "B", a cross, and a Hawaiian prayer from our honeymoon.

How hard could this be?

Ha! At first I thought I should cut out pieces of paper in the size of the photos, rearrange them on the floor, and tape them to the wall to see how it would look. Everything looks great, no problems. Well, except that the 5x7 photos seems like they would be a little tiny, especially next to 8x10 and 11x13 photos. 

My plan was that each frame would be the same, and the arrangement would be a little all over the place. I had pinned a few ideas I loved-- you can find them here

This was kind of the idea I am going for (above). How freakin' hard can that possibly be?! 

After talking to my aunt she suggested I buy the frames first. Her reasoning was that this would be the  most expensive part and I can always fill the frames at any point in time. Makes sense. 

So the other day when work was quiet I set out to TJ Maxx and Target for some (hopefully) cheap frames. TJ Maxx was excellent and I found some grey/blue speckled ones and even some plain greys. My aunt suggested that the frames did not need to match

The 5x7 frames were about $6 and the 8x10 frames were about $10. Target was a bit pricier with $12 for a 5x7 (But I really liked it). 

I also snagged the cross & Love sign from Target for $13.99 each. Not bad. 

The 11x13 frames will be harder to find. I ordered 2 11x13 frames from Shutterfly because they were free, but now finding a frame is going to kill me. :-)

So then I just decided to lay them out. I sent a few pictures to my MIL and tried to get opinions. I don't even like the way they are arranged above, but it just happens that that's how they were when I snapped the photo. I guess now I'll find a way I like them arranged and then... 

And then what?! I have no freaking clue! 

The dogs love looking out that window but Cocoa is afraid of the frames. Oreo, not so much.

Well I'll be sure to share my latest updates with you on actually getting these frames on the wall! Say a little prayer to the gallery wall gods for me! xO

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