Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Dining Room Table-- Love!

Our dining room table has been through a lot. For about 7 weeks we ate on a beach towel. It was just lovely. We had neighbors over and I was thoroughly embarrassed to say the least.

When we finally did receive our table pad, I didn't have a centerpiece I was in love with. It wasn't a big deal because anything is a better centerpiece than a beach towel.

That all changed, though, because I've finally found some things I love!

The candles, candle sticks, and the runner are from HomeGoods. I got that and a few other things and spent $5 out of pocket-- thank goodness for the $50 gift card I won! :) 

The apothecary jar was a wedding gift but I believe it's from Target. So is the filling. I'd like to find some more filling (mini pumpkins, etc) but it's not necessary. I would love to fill it with candy corn but it's my favorite candy.. I cannot have it sitting around our house!

There's a close up of the filling. It's not quite fall-ish but it works for me! 

I just love the little pumpkins attached to the candles! Aren't they adorable? The candles have a pumpkin-y smell but I haven't lit them yet. Hmm, maybe I will with dinner. 

So everything is almost perfectly done decor-wise in our living room. Well, except for one thing, but I'll have to post about that another day!

Enjoy these photos! xO

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