Sunday, September 2, 2012

This Week's Goals

So I thought each Sunday I could post about the upcoming week's goals. I'm sure the goals will vary depending on what that week has planned, but I think it will help keep me organized. This way I have to be accountable for my goals, right? :)

Having weekly goals is pretty important to me. It keeps me busy for one, but it helps me seize the day. I don't want to waste my life not doing stuff I enjoy! I always tell my husband that I'd like to quilt, train the dogs (to do more than sit and lay down), volunteer, and read the Bible. Well, goal setting can help get me there.

This week's 10 goals

:: Write Nathan some notes to open while he's at work.

:: Run 20 miles-- 4 miles/5 times a week.

:: Read my Lightroom how-to book for one hour and continue my photography "course" for 1 hour.

:: Keep looking for Kale at the Farmer's Market and grocery store-- I want to use it in my smoothies before it starts getting too cold out!

:: Blog at 20something Saver for 3 hours each day (except Sunday).

:: Have 1 hour of no technology with Nathan each night. (Walking, cuddling, go out to eat, just be together).

:: Clean out/organize freezer.

:: Put all my important dates in my new planner. (I got this one because my old one was literally falling apart). And of course I just went to see what brand it is and it's already ripped from being in my purse. Awesome.

:: Help Nathan every way I can to get him organized and ready for his new job!

:: Put photos from my sister's visit on our Shutterfly share site.

Do you have weekly goals? Monthly or yearly goals? 

This week I"ll post about how I do my yearly/monthly goals.


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