Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Home Binder-- How To!

Below is some information on my home binder. It's pretty simple and easy to use because that's what works for me. If you like this idea, be sure to Pin It on Pinterest! And be sure to follow me on Pinterest.  

There is only one necessity when it comes to a home binder-- ease of use. Mine is pictured above and I always need 3 writing utensils.. a pen, pencil, and a highlighter.

My binder is from Staples and I believe it is a Martha Stewart one (just like my home filing system).

My binder looks pretty empty (and to be honest, it is) but it has a lot of important information. I have these dividers with 4 different sections-- To Do, To Buy, Household, and Misc. 

I need to start writing my goals down. Maybe I'll put that in my to-do section. :) For now, I keep track of goals in my head and here on the blog

I keep mine pretty organized but I do have lots of post-its on the inside of each divider with "print 5x7 of wedding photo", etc. I'll breakdown each section for you below.


:: This section is obviously where I put all my to-dos. From big to small, they are all listed, crossed out, highlighted, and posted in this section.

:: Some to-dos are quite simple-- write a check for a bill, and others are a bit more complicated-- set up our thrift savings account.

:: Usually, when I finish my work for the day I'll head to my home binder and try to tackle a few to-dos. Some days I'm lucky to get a few things done.. others, not so much!


:: This section is also quite obvious. I usually put Christmas lists for people, random items we need around the house, etc. If someone is at my house and say they've always loved our bedspread, I'll write it down. If I'm stumped for a Christmas gift, I'll at least have that post it that they liked our bedspread.


:: This section is my favorite! I have my cleaning list (One day I'll have to make one so readers can download it), stain removal sheet, etc.

:: I also put anything related to house stuff in here (Ex: When to change air filter).

:: When I'm about to work on a freezer cooking day, I'll put my plan in here. I usually plan it out about a week ahead of time (so I can buy everything) and make notes in this section.

Want to make your own home binder?

:: Make sure you have a binder. It doesn't have to be huge (1-2 inches is perfect). Make sure the binder has pockets and is pretty sturdy. You'll be opening and closing it often! 

:: Dividers are completely optional but definitely help keep you organized. You can have a divider for each child, each room in your house, you can really go crazy with this. I don't keep stuff about the dogs in my home binder, that's in our home filing system.

:: Don't keep anything too personal in there just in case you lose it. Social security cards, health insurance info, and other stuff like that should be in files (or closets) in the back of your house. I like to think of a home binder as the thoughts in my head on paper

:: Keep it out. If you keep it away in a desk, drawer, or hidden in a closet, you won't get it out often and use it. Keep it in your kitchen or in a place where you spend a lot of time.

:: Don't write down too much. I noticed at one point I was writing down "email Jessica". In the amount of time it took me to write "email Jessica" I could have just emailed her! Please don't make yourself crazy.

*Always remember that this binder is here to make your life easier. If you're finding it's a pain or not working, change the way you're using it.

Enjoy! xO


  1. I am lovin' how simple you keep your binder, just the stuff that works for you! Plus I could die for that light blue color! We are having a Paper Party and would love for you to come link up your binder!

  2. Thanks, Autumn! I'm actually on the site now and don't see where to link up. You can email me if you want-- Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!

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