Sunday, September 30, 2012

We're Missing Something Here

So I said earlier (in this post) that everything was almost done in our living room. Except this.

Can you spot my chalkboard and peace lily? :)

I absolutely hate this corner. It's so sad because I've neglected it. Poor corner. I only go over there to put dog toys away or water the plant (my peace lily post is back here). 

The corner definitely got some sprucing up since I hung the chalkboard. Definitely. But it's not done. 

What about a console table? A dark brown, long, console table. The dog toys can go under it and a big, round mirror can go above it. How does that sound? 

Hmmm. But what about the peace lily? Guess I can shove that in another corner until I decide to redecorate that corner. Ha

I've been thinking a nice console table would look wonderful here. I would throw some crap on it that I already have (crammed in our TV stand), picture frames, a flower, who knows. The opportunities are endless. Shoot, I could even put my thankful tree that I'm scheming about making on it.

Now to find a console table. 

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