Sunday, September 9, 2012

This Week's Goals-- September 10th

Last week I posted my goals for the week and I did not do as much as I thought! It was definitely a crazy week and I was not feeling well for about 5-6 days. 

:: Write Nathan some notes to open while he's at work; I actually wrote him lots of notes! 

:: Run 20 miles-- 4 miles/5 times a week; I wasn't feeling too well, only did 8 miles. 

:: Read my Lightroom how-to book for one hour and continue my photography "course" for 1 hour; Nope. 

:: Keep looking for Kale at the Farmer's Market and grocery store-- I want to use it in my smoothies before it starts getting too cold out; The farmer's market is closed for the year. I'll have to check Shopper's.

:: Blog at 20something Saver for 3 hours each day (except Sunday); Not even close. Ugh!

:: Have 1 hour of no technology with Nathan each night. (Walking, cuddling, go out to eat, just be together).; Yes! We walked every night. So wonderful!

:: Clean out/organize freezer; Check! Even if I did do it this morning. 

:: Put all my important dates in my new planner. (I got this one because my old one wasliterally falling apart). And of course I just went to see what brand it is and it's already ripped from being in my purse. Awesome.; Check! I did this Monday and I'm finally feeling organized. 

:: Help Nathan every way I can to get him organized and ready for his new job; I helped him a lot all week. I'm not sure how he felt about my helping, but I definitely helped. 

:: Put photos from my sister's visit on our Shutterfly share site; Check!

This week is much less crazy than last week, and I hope I'm feeling 100% when I wake up tomorrow! Here are this week's goals

::  Run 20 miles-- 4 miles/5 times a week. 

:: Blog at 20something Saver 1 hour each day. (I'm decreasing the time and I'll see how that affects my weekly goals). 

:: Keep looking for Kale! If I don't find it this week I'm going to give up! 

:: Read my Lightroom Book for 1 hour total. I'm praying I will accomplish this! The program is so complicated and I really want to learn. I just need to make it a priority.

:: Clean up/organize my "test" gallery wall (more on this later!).

:: Return library books and DVDs. Check out more books.

:: Take the dogs on 3 long walks (more than 1 mile). 

:: Take the dogs to the dog park. Maybe one day after work? 

:: Check out Macy's (online or in store) and see if there's anything we need. We got a large gift card from our registry there! Make a list-- Christmas gifts, clothes, etc? 

:: Wash our bed quilt. Ugh, my husband spilled lasagna on it and I've yet to be able to get the stain out. If it can't come out, get it dry cleaned or something

Well, those are this week's goals. Do you have any goals this week? Feel free to share them in the comment section below! xO

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