Friday, December 21, 2012

Five Question Friday-- December 21st

Merry Christmas! (Well, almost). I hope everyone is finished shopping so you can just sit back and enjoy the holiday come Tuesday. Thankfully, I am completely done shopping so anything I get between now and then will be stuff for next year. I just have to walk over to Fedex (It's just a block away!) and mail 2 packages that don't have to get to their destination at any particular time.

This weekend we will be checking out the Newseum with our neighbors so my husband is pretty pumped. Besides that I'll probably just be getting organized for Monday/Tuesday.

1. How did you meet your husband? How long did you date? Tell your story, please. 

This is BY FAR the most common question I get asked. I debated on answering it but I figured many years from now I may forget and want to look back on this. I doubt it, but enjoy:

There isn't really a story..Ha! We met when I was in 7th grade. He says he didn't like me when we first met but I think I did. We had some mutual friends so we would hang out or do whatever 7th graders did. We were friends until I went into 11th grade, but I dated other people because (again) he wasn't interested.

Anyway, we met up at Homecoming (when I was in 11th grade) and that's where it all started. It definitely wasn't love at first sight because we were friends. It was very odd for me at first. Hello, this boy you like is your friend. That is going to suck when you dump him.

He knew from the very beginning that I didn't want to get married. I didn't want to get married OR have babies. I'm not sure what changed but I guess I wound up married to this pretty awesome guy.

2. How are you celebrating Christmas? What do you usually do?

This is our first married Christmas and we're so excited! My husband has to work Christmas Eve so I'll just spend the day cleaning and cooking. You know, wife stuff. We are having some people over for dinner on Monday, then after they leave we are going to drive around and look for Christmas lights. Tuesday we'll go to church, open our presents, have cinnamon rolls for breakfast, talk to our parents/my NY family, then we're going to a steak house that night.

There is never a typical Christmas but we are very glad to not have to drive to 234123534 different places this year. In the past we've had to do that and it's not an easy thing to do. We are so excited to just be together and have a quiet day.

3. What is your weakness?

Oh I have too many weaknesses. Sugar cookies, people pleasing, not listening to my voicemail, any show that has the word "housewives" in it, Jake Gyllenhaal, homeless animals, my animals, and PDA (as in, I hate any and all PDA).

4. Do you have any New Years Resolutions for 2013?

I'm working on a post for this but I usually do "goals" not resolutions. I read a book every month in 2012 and while that was my goal, I'd like to try for a bit more in 2013. (Or maybe books that are a bit more thought provoking?)

Another big goal for us is taking more time for each other in 2013. For the past month or so we'll go to bed and realize we never really asked how the other one is doing! We need to start pausing life for a moment and checking in every once in a while.

And definitely cutting down on the technology during dinner, in our room, etc. We'll see how that one goes. :)

5. How do you stay so lean? Secrets? Do you eat? 

LOL! No, no secrets and yes, I love food. :-) I try to eat as healthy as possible but it's not always easy. I drag myself to run outside so I'll do about 20 miles a week. If I can't run I'll try to walk to the grocery store instead of drive, walk to the post office, dog park, etc. I'm constantly moving and rarely sit still.

BUT, I do indulge in foods that are special to me. The holidays are here and I will not deprive myself. We are going out to dinner on Christmas and I will get steak and dessert. That does mean, though, that on the 26th my fat butt will be outside walking to Target to get those 75% off sales. :)


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