Sunday, December 16, 2012

Life According to my Phone-- December 17th

My dad sent me this photo from NYC. Seriously-- only in New York! I was super jealous and he almost convinced me to hop on a plane and see him. 

To say I was freaking out when I saw those snowflakes for Wednesday would be an understatement. Don't worry this was 10 days ago and if it snowed you would know about it!

I wanted to stay up all night and watch for it but my husband and I both decided it's best to wake up and see it. Don't you agree?

Still keepin' my fingers crossed for some snow..sometime.

Why do we need so much toothpaste?

Ahem. I'm trying, honestly. PS-- Can you spot my Camelbak? Still loving it!

Think your dog's clingy? That's where Oreo sits when I shower. 

When we were at the mall last week we "ran into" a cute little chorus concert. So adorable. At first we didn't want to wait for it to start but as the crowds gathered, we decided to stay. 

Did I mention I think we looked like perverts? Yup. 

First we started out 1 floor above the concert but a lot of parents were there so we moved up a floor. Thank God, because I think we were getting looks. Then the kids started waving at us while laughing and smiling. Awe-some. 

My dad came (not this trip, another one) and we found a fun new place to eat. It's called Champs and it's basically a giant sports bar. We got the nachos (above) and they were so tasty. 

Plus our waitor didn't add up our bill correctly so our total was $19.. for three people.. with drinks & appetizer, DC! It was funny. 

Again, my dad is simply the best. xO

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  1. I have heard the wings at Champs are amazing. For next time ;)