Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012 Recap

Merry Christmas! I'm still allowed to say that until the New Year, right?

Guess I should start from the very beginning..

About 2 weeks ago when my dad was here (more on his visit here), he helped me ship all our gifts out. Thankfully, we only had to ship gifts to 4 different locations-- my grandparents, my husband's parents, a friend in Philly, and my aunt. 

I thought I had it all under control and could do it by myself, but clearly I was wrong. There were so many post it notes and gift tags were being ripped off and I only had my wallet (not a purse) so I had to carry that under my arm. 

..Not a pleasant experience. Thankfully, Papi was there to be my wing man and he helped so much. 

Oh and for the record? Next year I will not be shipping gifts to me so I can hand wrap them. I'll just order them online and have them shipped. It's not ideal (I love wrapping), but it is what it is. 

Okay, rant over. 

A few days before Christmas we went to our grocery store and guess who was there? Carolers! It was so sweet and beautiful. It made my night. Yes, I was the only crazy lady sitting there soaking it all in and taking pictures

Love using our fake fire and having the house lit up. See Cindy perched up there?

Oh PS-- My husband thinks Cindy should get a brother elf! They make boys ones and he wants to name him Rob. Yeah, he won't be named Rob. Maybe Clark. 

My friend Elizabeth got me the DC ornament. I love it! You can't see the tiny straw but it's cute.

Would it really be Christmas if we didn't get out the hammer & nails? Story of my life. My poor husband had to hang this up with me shouting behind him "LOWER!", "LEFT!". He's a keeper!

It says Boese. Can you tell? My very talented aunt made it for me! I'm so in love with it! She also made us this one (below) from 1 Corinthians. 

More on the "B" here

And I got my boots! I'm so in love with them. They came just in time because we had rain/sleet/slush/snow/somethingorother yesterday and I wore them when I walked the dogs. Perfect! Definitely recommend them-- they're so comfortable! 

PS-- I think it's the shirt but I look as wide as a whale. I gained 4 pounds over Christmas and I can see where it went..

We had a view of the airport..awesome.

For Christmas dinner we went out to a steak place. It was fun to get dressed up and have someone serve us. (Especially after my sister being here + cooking for neighbors + cooking Thanksgiving). Judge me. It was fun. Plus, we walked there & back so we got lots of exercise! 

But we did stop at Coldstone on our way home which was so much fun (and super cold)! 

Now? We are back to work and in the swing of things with a crazy bizarre schedule. Be sure to stop by tomorrow for Five Question Friday. You can check out last week's here. xO

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