Friday, December 14, 2012

Five Question Friday-- December 14th

Happy Friday and Happy Holidays! I truly cannot believe December is halfway over. Feels like our wedding was just a few weeks ago..Guess that means I'm getting old.

What are your plans for the weekend? I think after today we'll finally be done Christmas shopping. I'm over waiting until the last minute. Shipping Christmas gifts is not as fun as hand delivering, either. Oh well. One of my friends has been done Christmas shopping since before Black Friday... yeah, I'm jealous.

Oh but this weekend I think we're prepping to have my sister and her boyfriend come visit. She was here over Labor Day (see her visit here) but now she is bringing her boyfriend to see DC. I'll need to wrap their gifts, make sure my house looks somewhat clean, and dust until my arms fall off. And probably get some groceries. :)

1. What is your least favorite Christmas song?

Anything involving the Chipmunks. I'm not a total fan of "Do you hear what I hear" but I'll sit through the song if I have to.

2. What is one medical thing you avoid like the plague? 

Hmmm. I don't really avoid anything. Last year my husband and I did not get flu shots and never got sick. This year, we decided not to.

Strangers/family/friends have shared their opinions on not getting one..please keep your opinion to yourself!

3. Do you make stuff for your neighbors and pass it out on Christmas Eve?

Yes. I either make turtles, white trash, or cookies. Last year I did the ice cream cones dipped in white chocolate died green. Everything has always been a big hit! I think this year I'll be doing white trash because it is the bomb!

4. Did you ask for anything this Christmas?

A little bit. I don't tell people, but if they ask I try to have something ready. I have wanted these boots since last year, so I asked my dad for them. I think because we're finally in an area where it actually gets cold, I have an excuse to buy cute winter stuff. :)

5. What would your "dream Saturday" consist of?

Good question! Let's would definitely happen in the spring. Wake up somewhat late-- maybe 8:30. Walk a few miles with my husband to Chick Fil A for breakfast, come home and watch a movie in my cozies, and after the movie get dressed and go to the mall. After shopping, dinner somewhere casual and ice cream at Coldstone! I like food, can ya tell?

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