Saturday, December 8, 2012

Five Question Friday-- December 8th

I'm so with it I'm doing Five Question Friday on a Saturday. My bad! Seriously, I promise I'll get better.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their weekend! Today we did some Christmas shopping-- I'm finally about 75% done. It's such a giant mess when you have to mail stuff to out of town friends/family!

Tomorrow PetsMart is taking donations to get your pet's photo with Santa. Can you guess where we'll be..? Yup, I'm that lady.

1. Do you have an expensive habit?

Honestly? Besides Diet Coke, not really. Just like any girl, I love to shop, but I rarely buy anything for myself. As you all know, I work from home so buying nice clothes is not a priority of mine. I have several nice pieces that I work with if we go somewhere fancy.

Besides that, I do like to sometimes go a little overboard with gifts for other people. Not totally a bad thing, right?

2. Do you have a Christmas budget?

Yes, per person. We don't say "This Christmas we are spending X total". We just say, "Ehh, no more than X for Aunt Sue". It's less stressful and if you make a list (and stick to it) it works!

3. Do you get lonely or bored working from home?

No! I truly enjoy the quiet, honestly. I use Pandora (been listening to Christmas music since October), sit in my cozies, and plug through work. The day goes by super fast. The dogs are here with me and we'll go out around lunch time, 3ish, and then my husband comes home. Yay! :)

4. Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions? Did you create any this year? 

Guess this probably should have been answered around Thanksgiving time. Whoops. You can read about our Thanksgiving here.

Traditions? Hmmm. I don't really think so! Besides me burning the rolls. Hopefully that will be a tradition that does not go on for many years. I really like spending the holidays at our home where we have our decorations so I think that is the biggest tradition-- being at home with my perfect little family.

5. What's one food you refuse to try?

Hmmm. I will probably try anything. But I refuse mayo, mustard, and olives. Sorry for all your mayo-covered olive people. :)

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