Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life According to my Phone-- December 4th

Oreo's new thing is hanging out under the futon looking out the window. It was definitely scary the first time he was there because I couldn't find him for a few minutes! For a while I thought I left him outside! 

The picture above (red eyes) was taken one night when Oreo was acting like there was a murderer in our room. I hate when they do that. Granted, there were noises (neighbors). I cannot yell at them for barking, because they protect us. 

He refused to go to bed and just sat like that well into the night. Dummy. 

Why yes, I'm 193 and need pill containers as big as a milk jug.

Cocoa wore her Santa suit when my husband came home for Thanksgiving. My mom had originally bought her Santa boots to go along with it, but she hated them. No boots for her. :) Seriously, cutest Santa ever! 

Remember a while back (you can read here) I said getting dressed "cute" can put you in a better mood? It is definitely working for me! On the days I actually do it. Ha. 

PS-- Yes. I guess in the older post and in the picture above, I'm wearing the same top. Awesome. 

I clearly need some fashion help. Anyone want to help me? I swear those boots and the leggings are both brown. Promise. 

Cocoa would shred tissues all day if I let her. Oreo has no interest in tissues or toilet paper! 

The above photo was taken at 5PM when I was out walking the dogs. FIVE. It gets so dark and gloomy so early. It makes you want to get into your cozies and go to bed at 6PM. Seriously. So. Much. Fun. 

A neighbor was trying to get rid of this wire shelving unit-thing and he gave it to me for free. I am so thankful! We definitely are using it. :) 

Stay tuned for more closet updates. It's gotten so much better!

So many toys, so little time. 

Freezer cooking buddy.

Oreo is such a jerk-wad some days. See him eating her treat on the couch?

Hard to believe we had to get the Little Green Machine out a week or so ago. Someone had an accident. In our house, we don't punish them for accidents because sometimes it just happens. It happens about 2x a year, so I don't feel the need to make a big deal about it. 

*Totally recommend the Little Green Machine, though! 

Sorry for the poor quality. Zoomed in on my iPhone. 

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